ANNEX 2: Policy on quality, environment, food safety and occupational health and safety

Rev 04


Reviewed: Resp. Quality, Environment and Food Safety

Approved: Management

Valid from: 20/12/2021

Quality policies

In order to adequately position our company, the Management of GRUPO SALAS AGUILA SL, a company dedicated to “NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT OF GENERAL AND PERISHABLE GOODS BY ROAD”, has determined as its operating principles the optimisation of customer service and the efficiency of its services, to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers at competitive prices and the minimisation of the environmental impact associated with its activity and the food safety of the product transported.

This philosophy will allow GRUPO SALAS AGUILA, S.L., through a sustained process of growth and consolidation, to place and maintain itself in an outstanding position in its sector, on which our strategy is based:

– Establishment of the necessary measures to obtain Quality in our services to satisfy the expectations of our clients, allocating the necessary means to achieve this, as well as incorporating the most environmentally friendly and economically viable technologies. As well as the safety of the transported product.

– A management system for quality, environment, product safety, health and safety at work and calculation of CO2 emissions based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001: 2018, IFS LOGISTICS 2.3 and ISO 14064-1: 2018 standards, which guarantees a job well done and the constant improvement of our services.

– The services of GRUPO SALAS AGUILA, S.L. are assumed in compliance with the applicable legal requirements, including environmental and other requirements that the company voluntarily acquires in terms of quality, environment and product safety, as specific commitments relevant to the context of the organisation.

– This policy is the reference framework for the establishment of objectives for the continuous improvement of the Quality of our services, environmental performance in accordance with the nature and impacts generated in the activities of GRUPO SALAS AGUILA, S.L. and with this product safety policy, which will be reviewed annually by the Management.

– The commitment of GRUPO SALAS AGUILA, S.L. will take into account the prevention and minimisation of the impacts generated by our activity, as well as the control of the natural resources used by this company. In addition to identifying the possible risks present in all our activities and work areas.

– GRUPO SALAS AGUILA SL has established all the necessary controls and protocols in order to guarantee the correct transport and traceability of the food products that are the object of the service provided.

– We assure our clients that their products are transported safely, reliably and in accordance with both their food safety requirements and the legal and regulatory requirements in terms of food safety. To this end, we establish controls in all processes, from the collection of the goods to their delivery at destination, in order to eliminate possible risks.

– The company is committed to Customer Orientation, as our customers are our greatest asset, so we are not only committed to meeting and satisfying their expressed needs, but we must also be able to anticipate their expectations. For this reason, we are committed to knowing their needs and satisfying them at all stages of their relationship with them.

– We are firmly committed to avoiding and, if possible, reducing the environmental impact of our activity, as well as to constantly promoting measures aimed at preventing the pollution that may be caused by this activity. To this end, we are ISO 14001 certified.

– To use prevention techniques in all potentially polluting activities to ensure the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources.

– The company’s staff is the main asset the company has to achieve its Objectives, valuing that their capacity, training and dedication are essential to implement, develop and maintain the Product Safety System, as well as raising awareness of the obligation and responsibility inherent to health and safety in the workplace, transmitting protection and a correct working wellbeing to our workers.

– The company is committed to continuous improvement in increasing safety and productivity, eliminating hazards and reducing OSH risks. As well as, a commitment to environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution by improving work procedures, so that they are increasingly safe, efficient, agile, economical and necessarily establish actions aimed at prevention, seeking to spread a culture of continuous improvement of all our processes.

– To develop, implement and maintain a management system based on strict compliance with the laws, regulations and national and international standards related to health and safety at work applicable to GRUPO SALAS-AGUILA SL and the services we provide.

– Likewise, the Management undertakes to implement, keep up to date, communicate to all employees and make our Corporate Policy available to all clients, both external and internal, as well as to interested parties.

– Encourage the participation and consultation of workers, through the health and safety committee or Prevention Delegates, to achieve active and fluid collaboration in the implementation and improvement of working conditions.

– Committing to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and deterioration of health.

– This Policy will be subject to periodic review by Management in order to verify its effectiveness, the degree of compliance with the proposed measurable Objectives, its continued suitability to the organisation’s role in the food chain and the achievement of continuous improvement.

– The Food Defence team will at all times ensure the safety of the product being transported against a third party that puts this safety at risk.

In order to achieve this strategy it is absolutely necessary that the support of the management team and the entire staff, as well as suppliers and customers, therefore, this policy must be communicated and understood by all members of the company and its employees, and be available to anyone who shows interest in it, as well as interested parties (suppliers, customers, public institutions, etc.). The management is committed to the annual review of this policy adapting it to the nature of its activities and its environmental impacts and to ensure the safety of both the product and our workers.

The Management